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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


In 1937 focusing principally on the threat from the Soviet Union the Imperial Japanese Army began to develop the tools and techniques of shadow warfare. A year later, it was decided to formalize training in a spy school, Rikigun Nakano Gakko (Army Nakano School), The Nakano Japanese Military Intelligence School.

The Trainees at Nakano were on a one year course and were trained in a variety of subject matters related to counterintelligence, military intelligence, covert operations, sabotage, along with unconventional military techniques in general, such as guerrilla warfare. The Imperial Japanese Army placed a high priority on the use of unconventional warfare much of the training was either very similar to ninjutsu techniques, or derived directly from them. Shadow warfare, ninja style was the thing, but adapted to the modern world.

Purists within the ninja community argue that the Nakano Graduates were not actually ninjas. However upon closer study of what was taught at Nakano it appears nothing could be further from the truth.  According to Fujita Seiko's autobiography he modified and taught his koga ryu ninjutsu at Nakano. Fujita also went on to say that Nakano's tasks were originally about assassination and sabotage. 

In order to become modern ninja, however, extensive teaching and training was high on the agenda at Nakano. Spiritual refinement, strategy, espionage, unconventional warfare, disguise and impersonation, escape, concealment, geography and meteorology were all part of training.

Historical documents on training in ninjutsu such as the Shoninki, Bansenshukai, and others reveal these very same areas of knowledge. So in comparison  when you breakdown the skills, knowledge and tactics learned at Nakano, there is enough in common with the  training of a ninja during feudal Japan to call the 2500 Nakano graduates modern ninja. The Shadow Warriors of Nakano had to fulfill their missions and could not expect to be honored for it. Such was the same for the ninja of old.

In 2012, The Japan Daily Press reported that Professor Taketoshi Yamamoto at Waseda University recently discovered a set of World War II documents which revealed that the secret military spy school taught ninjutsu, martial arts techniques used by ninjas, as part of its curriculum.

Unarmed combat was also included in the Nakano curriculum, Aikido, various styles of Karate such as Shotokan, Goju, wado ryu and Kenpo. Every close combat system was carefully scrutinized. Numerous karate styles failed the tests. One of the original instructors was Morihei Uyeshiba (of Aikido). Uyeshiba himself was good but when the students tried to apply the techniques they really couldn't make them work under real conditions. It was decided that Aikido had too much "technique" for the limited one year of training. Goju-ryu, with its heavy stress on sanchin training, did not seem to have the practical application necessary, and Wado-ryu technique seemed too "light". Shotokan concentrated on two techniques a front kick and a straight punch, with kicks mostly delivered to the shins.

The NEO- ninja of Nakano needed a more realistic and practical and efficient style of unarmed combat to complete their missions. "Fighting" rather than sparring or kata was stressed at Nakano. The training was realistic, violent and led to considerable injuries.  One had to continue fighting no matter whether injured or defeated. It is quite possible that the instructors at Nakano also used this kind of training, though brutal, for checking the effectiveness of techniques under realistic conditions.

The soldiers of the Japanese Army were trained in Karate and Judo or at least the basics, however, the Japanese command was dead set on developing on shortest terms a system of Killing Techniques, a close quarter combat system that would put the enemy out of commission quickly and efficiently.

Seiko Fujita (Wada-Ha Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, Nanban Sato Ryu Kenpo), replaced Uyeshiba Morihei, as the Martial Arts instructor and taught Kenpo/Kempo and ninjutsu at the Nakano Japanese Imperial Military Intelligence School. Toward the end of WW II Seiko was ordered, according to his autobiography, by the Imperial Japanese Government and was tasked to come up with such a system for the Imperial Japanese Army.

The unarmed/minimally armed close combat art he taught was  “Nanban Satto Ryu Kenpo” (“Foreign Killing Fist Method”, ”南蛮殺到流拳法”)Texts of Fujita’s Kenpo (“Kenpo Gokui Atemi Sakkatsuho Meikai” & “Kenpo Gokui Sakkatsuho Zukai” – “Illustrated Secret Kenpo Killing Strikes”) show that Fujita’s style was indeed a method for fighting and killing an opponent concentrating on the vital areas of the human body and at what precise angle a blow should be delivered. A sniper’s manual of Kenpo striking techniques so to speak.  Fujita Seiko’s Nakano school kenpo curriculum may indeed have a surviving variation thru Nakano graduate Naraki Hara.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Ron Collins of Beckley, West Virginia was convicted and served time for trying to have sex with a 13 year old girl. The only thing that stopped was the fact that the attempted rape was interrupted and stopped before he could have his way with her. Collins is a very disturbed individual was for years has been attempting to pass himself off as a martial arts instructor, combat veteran and martial arts black belt.

Collins was caught with the 13 year old girl who was naked and passed out in a bed from drugs and alcohol that was given to her by Ron Collins. He had removed the girls clothes and was taking off his pants when someone came in and stopped it.

It is indeed unfortunate to read about some form of sexual abuse in the martial arts, (and disturbing to write about it), whether it be a teacher’s sexual misconduct with a student, or sexual misconduct in his or her private life outside the dojo. LIke the case of Ronald Collins Of Beckely West Virginia who has NUMEROUS arrests for charges such as possession of child pornography, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, stalking and assault, etc, show a disturbing and potentially dangerous pattern of behavior.

Quite frankly, in the case of a sexual offender, where there is smoke, there is fire.  The sad truth is that many sexual offenders LIKE COLLINS have numerous arrests and few convictions. Sexual offenders commit their acts for years before finally being exposed. It is quite possible for it to take years before someone reports a sexual offender to even start a process of conviction. Since most sexual assaults or stalking activities are one on one, these cases can be difficult to prosecute. Most sexual offenders know this and take advantage of it thru a variety of forms of manipulation, intimidation and subterfuge. The mindset of a sexual offender is of great importance in recognizing their capacity and hopefully exposing them for who they really are.

The Sexual offender typically thinks he is unique. They believe they are more intelligent and superior to others. They literally feel that they do not have to follow the same rules everyone else does. Instead of accepting responsibility for his actions, the sexual offender tries to justify his behavior. For example, he may claim he was molested as a child or that he was drunk when he did it or he may say “When she said no, she really meant yes."

The sexual offender will duck responsibility for his actions by trying to make them seem  unimportant. For example: "It was no big deal" or "She wanted it anyway." They shift responsibility for their actions from themselves to others, blaming the other person or persons for "causing" his behavior.

For example, and again in the case of Ron Collins he cintinued to slander berate and victimize two 13 year old girls online. This is quite typical of the sexual offender. He may say that, (in Collins case he did say that the two 13 year old girls were acting provocatively) she was acting provocatively or that his victim was dressed slutty.

He will berate the victim, referring to her as a “whore” a "tease," a "slut," a “bitch” etc. He may organize others to shun or criticize her for daring to "accuse" him of rape or sexual assault. Sexual Offenders often will run a smear campaign against their victims, their victim’s family, friends and those who support the victim.

In a variation on the tactic of blaming, the sexual offender will attempt to redefine the situation so that the problem lies not with him but with the outside world in general. For example, "It is society's fault, “or he may claim that it is a conspiracy against him, or that the police have singled him out and are persecuting him.

He also believes he would be extremely successful if only people were not holding him back, that others somehow stop him from being successful. The Sexual Offender will again claim this as some sort of “conspiracy” against him. He then uses this belief to justify his actions by making claims that his detractors are somehow all part of “the conspiracy” against him. He also puts other people and their achievements down verbally in order to make himself feel superior.

The sexual offender combines tactics to manipulate others causing chaos and confusion to misdirect attention from his deviant behavior. The tactics include lying, upsetting the other person or persons just to watch his or her reactions, and encouraging fights between or among others. Waging a psychological warfare, so to speak, on the ones he considers his detractors and his victims as well.

For the instructor or martial artist who is the sexual offender, he may also try to charm the person or persons he wants to manipulate, pretending a lot of interest or concern for that person in order to get on her or his good side. He may also show a lot of concern about his community and the people in it. He will try to show and convince others that he is a stand up guy that he will fight the battles others refuse to fight. Make a stand that others will not. He will brag on his prowess as a fighter and exaggerate his fighting ability and skill when in reality he may have none.

The sexual offender believes he is more intelligent than his detractors or the ones he perceives as his victims and adversaries. He uses lies to control, and manipulate the information available and therefore to control the situation. The sexual offender also may use lying to keep other people the ones he perceives as his adversaries, including his victim, off-balance psychologically. For example, He may continue to stalk his victim, or seek a confrontation to keep them fearful. He may even claim police corruption or that he was “set up” by crooked cops, attorneys and judges.  He tries to appear truthful when he's lying, he tries to look deceitful even when he's telling the truth, and sometimes he reveals himself in that process.

As mentioned earlier, a sexual offender generally believes he is better than other people and so does not have to follow the rules that ordinary people do. This attitude is typical of convicted criminals, too. Each inmate in a jail typically believes that while all the other inmates are criminals, he himself is not. Even when confronted with undeniable irrefutable evidence the sexual offender more often than not believes he isn’t doing anything wrong or even committed a crime by his own accord, almost always the fault lies somewhere else.

Occasionally, he will pretend to be helpless or will act persecuted in order to manipulate. Here, the offender thinks that if he does not get what he wants, he is the victim; and he uses the disguise of victim to attack or make fools of others.

He usually thinks of himself as strong, superior, independent, self-sufficient, a survivor, and very masculine, when in fact, physically, his personal appearance might be exactly opposite, he may not be strong, he may be diminutive in stature as well as other aspects of his being where he just doesn’t quite, dare I say, measure up. His idea of the ideal man often is the cowboy, or a fighter, it might even be some type of warrior (a NINJA for example), or an adventurer type, that he perceives himself as. Any action or perceived attitude of another person that does not conform to his GLORIFIED self-image is seen as a personal attack.

Since the writing of this article Ron Collins has been arrested yet again. This time it was for making death threats against the very Police officer that arrested him for attempting to rape the 13 year old girl.